Iím getting ready for a weekend away from home. Weíre going to a friendís house for an ďotakuĒ weekend. This friend got involved with outdoor activities last year, and resultantly joined our circle of friends. Being completely new to anything outside and intensive physical activity, I was surprised by his enthusiasm and energy during these past several months.

So now, heís throwing a weekend-long party, for those who introduced him to the outdoors, to introduce us to the indoors; Asian geek culture.

I donít know if Iíd say any of this is new to me since I am a) part Asian, and b) a retired spod. Iím usually not big on geek socializing (is that an oxymoron?) because I was always the Vampiric kind that would only type to the living, until I decided that I needed to get a life. Then I got one, just a few short years later, when I decided that I wanted a life.

Anyway, thatís what Iím doing this weekend.

However, more importantly, LA left me a really helpful comment for my last entry. Iím so happy and grateful because yes, thatís exactly the kind of thing I need to do. Itís so very simple and easy.

I was looking for a complex solution that would have the power to fix everything. I donít have the power to fix everything, but that doesnít mean I donít have the power to help; even if that means helping only a little.

Thank you so much, LA.

To LA, and anyone else who might be reading, have a fantastic weekend!

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Friday, Dec. 19, 2008 at 8:21 PM