I decided that I needed to cut back on caffeine. Today, I put that plan into action. I limited myself to one small cup this morning and ohmygodIfeellikeImgoingtodie.

I had no idea this addiction is as bad as it is. I canít work, I canít think, I can barely walk.

I donít think caffeine in itself is necessarily unhealthy, but I think it was increasing my anxiety. Iíll tell you one thing, the one thing I am not today is anxious. Tired, groggy, dizzy, apathetic, yes.

I think the higher level of anxiety may have been increasing my appetite. Iím not sure, I hadnít gained any weight, but I felt like I was craving food more for emotional reasons rather than physical reasons. I think that my metabolism was able to just take that in stride, but I canít imagine that would work long-term. Especially when it gets cold outside and I stop exercising like a freaking maniac.

Oh, not to mention that anxiety is bad for you in a million other different ways. There has to be something pretty messed up about consuming a chemical that I know makes me so anxious that it drives me to seek comfort in food. You have to wonder what else the anxiety is doing without my knowledge.

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Wednesday, Jul. 25, 2007 at 3:42 PM