I did make it to meditation last night. Lightening forced the lifeguards to make everyone get out of the water. Iím a naughty girl who is drinking caffeinated tea, right now.

My brain just doesnít want to work, today. Of course, after a day frolicking in the surf, whoís brain would want to work?

I chatting with a surfing instructor, who spends summers up here and winters in Florida, I said something like, ďI think Iím going to retire and then have your life.Ē

ďSure, Babe! Iíll give you a job!Ē

A job doing what, I wonder? It sure as hell wouldnít be a job as a surfer. Iím sure of that; unless heíd be willing to employ the worst professional surfer in all of history.

Anyway, selling bikiniís and surfboards is not going to feed the two little cat mouths and the giant house mouth. Creatures that would miss me dearly while I was busy traveling up and down the coast, getting too much sun.

He asked me what I do for a living, I told him, and he expressed some awe. I even got the impression that he wouldnít mind a try at a stable corporate life, getting pale and fat in a climate controlled office.

Speaking of which, I did get a little bit of color on my back and shoulders, where I didnít bother to apply as much sunblock because Iíd be wearing my wetsuit, anyway. After we were driven from the water, I hung around on the boardwalk a little bit in my swimsuit top and shorts.

Me and my new surfing pals had lunch and shared funnel cake. We also unintentionally shared it with a couple of seagulls that ripped it out of our unsuspecting hands. That never, ever happened to me in California. On the east coast, even the seagulls are more brazen.

We didnít stay long after a more experienced NJ shore-town visitor, explained to a lesser experienced shore-town visitor that we were in a dry town. He almost fell over crying, and that broke up the party.

I talked to my brother this morning and told him about my new tan (this from a girl who was once deeply bronzed 365 days a year in southern CA). Coincidently (or bizarre other-wordly connection), he said that him and a friend drove to the Sea of Japan, yesterday, to swim and he also got a little bit of color.

I asked him if he surfed at all, but he said that the waves arenít big enough in the Sea of Japan, but he thinks itís possible to go on the opposite coast. Then he asked me if we could move to Hawaii together.

He did well as a bartender for years. Iím sure he could go to any tourist trap and make gobs of money. As for me, the closest thing Iíve ever had to a service industry job was doing tech support in college. I doubt thereís much demand for that in Hawaii.

I suppose if I really looked, I could find something. Right now, Iím in tired, cranky mood, where nothing sounds appealing; even living in Hawaii.

Hawaii almost sounds too good to be true, though. I worry that if I actually lived there, the spell would be broken. Once again, Iíd learn something isnít really magical, and Iíd be just a little bit more cynical.

Or maybe Iíd go there and be blissfully happy every minute of the day.

Right now, the weather is about as nice as any Hawaiian day, I got to surf yesterday and Iím still sitting here mildly irritated because my databases are giving me trouble, and Iím looking at code like itís Greek (and I donít know Greek). If I lived there, wouldnít I be doing the same thing? Sitting in front of a monitor, writing diary entries because Iím too foggy to work, wishing I was back on the beach?

Iím just trying to clear my head, here. When I showed up at meditation yesterday, one of my friends asked me why I was there. Iíd told him previously that I probably wouldnít make it. I explained to him about the lightening, and he laughed and joked about divine intervention.

I was so tired yesterday evening that I barely meditated at all. I kept falling asleep and catching myself. I hope no one noticed. How distracting for the other people.

Iím thinking with my database problems, if I stop reading about theory and actually try some practical application, then things will start to fall into place better. I just wish I wasnít so sleepy.

I have karate later. I could theoretically nap for about an hour before I go. Or I could nap and just not go.

Whenever I think about blowing off karate, I hear my first instructor in my head. If you want to be good at karate, then you put training first.

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Monday, Jul. 30, 2007 at 5:36 PM