I have completed day four at the new office. There is still no sign of Ed, but he should be in tomorrow.

Ed being the person who swooped down from the sky and pulled me out of the rubble that is my old company. Why? Iím not sure why. Iím just that likable, maybe?

So far, things have been good. Edís executive secretary has been doting on me. Maybe sheís bored because heís out of town or maybe itís because sheís just that nice. Either way, Iím infinitely grateful. Itís like working with my grandmother.

My brain feels a little warn out from learning all sorts of new things and attempting to orientate myself. It feels a lot like when you first start diving, and you jump off the boat for the first time, and you get freaked out because you donít know which way is up and everything looks all weird and different. After a few times, you start thinking, ďWhy was I so freaked out by some bubbles and different colors?Ē

Anyway, after my fourth day, Iím starting to get to that point where I can identify the bubbles and a few other points of reference.

I have been doing my best to get enough sleep, lately, too. I havenít had much success, but I am trying.

This weekend should help. Adam is going away to play football somewhere in north jersey and then watch the superbowl with his friends. I have plenty of errands and various responsibilities to keep me occupied, but I have no doubt that I could fully enjoy doing nothing more ambitious than a hot bath.

Which, I would totally do, right now, if I wasnít a good little karate girl that trains herself mercilessly.

Anyway, I woke up believing it was Friday, until I was fully awake, and I realized it was Thursday. I got into the office ten minutes early but feeling like I absolutely must have a big cup of caffeinated black tea. And, you know what? It was great.

It's really weird being in an office where people don't know me, and they keep asking me if I've watched some TV show or another. Whenever people tell me about the TV they watch, I have the urge to ask, "How do you feel knowing that the entire universe was given ONE January 30th, 2008, for all eternity, and you spent your free hours entranced in front of a TV?" I don't mean it in a malicious way, but I am truly curious.

In 100 years, and after disease has been cured, and we're all 100 years older, what are we going to think when we look back on the TV years of humanity? What are the TV watchers going to do when the rest of us have established a better position in society with our karate expertise and the Mandarin we'll probably have learned by then?

This past weekend, we went to a roller derby. Iím not sure what to say about that. It turned out to be similar to what I imagine nascar to be, except with more personality. I donít have any intention of going again, but Iím glad I went the first time.

Adam kept asking me if I would become a roller derby girl. Since I am a literal minded person, who doesnít often get jokes and sarcasm immediately, I seriously considered the question. I told him that since there is no punching or kicking that I would likely have problems.

Since he thinks itís funny when I take jokes completely seriously, he continued in that vein and told me that Iíd definitely be the smallest one out there, but I could probably hold my own if I am a good skater.

I am a good skater.

But, Iím also a busy skater. And, I would never engage in such a dangerous activity while wearing such inappropriate clothing. Iíd hate to die dressed like that.

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Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008 at 6:44 PM