After being sick for two weeks straight, I think I might be able to join the land of the living again. I hope, anyway.

Itís been a rough month. Iíve been feeling like my life is extra difficult, lately. Iíve also started figuring out how to tweak things so Iím not always so close to butterfly net territory. The first is to start getting enough sleep. Nothing makes me crankier than being tired. The second is to eat better. Iíve got some sort of blood sugar issue and simple carbs and high sugar foods put me on the most unpleasant kind of rollercoaster.

Weíre going to Florida over the holidays to see family, and Iím looking forward to that.

I am kind of down that I am still working on getting my old body back and being stuck in bed for a couple of weeks didnít exactly move me in the right direction.

The other thing that didnít move me in the right direction was going to a Kill Bill movie night with a bunch of my friends. Iíd never seen the movies before and the whole event seemed to be built around the premise that among my circle of friends there are two black belts, both women. (The other, being my friend Nicole, who is awesomeness personified.)

Anyway, after a few nights of terrible dreams filled with anxiety and death, which only encouraged an already enthusiastic fever, one evening I found myself shivering and sweating under a pile of blankets, asking Adam to please, please bring me my sword. JUST IN CASE! I do have one, I wasnít that delirious.

He suggested Tylenol instead.

I am in the mindset of getting myself back on track, rather than being in the mindset of ďDamn, why didnít I do more weapons training when I had the chance!?!Ē I think thatís an improvement.

The past couple of days, Iíve also been feeling more optimistic. I am not sure why I would feel more optimistic now, as opposed to a few weeks ago. Nothing has really changed, but itís there and Iím grateful for it.

Over the weekend, I was also blessed with a Tina Turner concert. It came along and fell into my lap, completely free of charge. Nicole called me up on Saturday night and said, ďI am on my way to a Tina Turner concert ..blahblahablahblahÖ so if you want the extra ticket, you better get on the road, right now.Ē

I didnít even give myself time to change, and soon enough, I was on the road. Regretfully, I had to call Anthony, who is usually my supplier of concert tickets, and cancel hanging out with him, again.

After I arrived, I also regretted not giving myself time to change, since Tinaís fans are obviously very serious about their concert attire. Note of advice: Never go see the Queen of Rock & Roll in a faux yuppy running outfit and trail shoes.

After about two minutes, I didnít care anymore. The air was electric with enthusiasm, giddiness and fanaticism. Pretty soon, I had a fantastic contact high. Once we got inside, I was blown away. I am absolutely speechless about the rest of it.

I donít know if Iíve ever previously been in the presence of an individual that defies the rules of humanity. If I have, I didnít know about it. Saturday night, I was, and I knew it.

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Friday, Dec. 05, 2008 at 7:49 AM