Iíve been so busy, as usual.

The past few weeks, Iíve barely had any time to exercise, and that annoys me.

Tonight is a reiki share. Iíd love to get some reiki without actually having to do it myself. Considering all the reiki Iíve given, lately, Iím selfishly thinking that Iíd love to just stop by, get my reiki and leave.

But, itís called a reiki share, not a reiki get yours and leave.

Last weekend, Adamís parents were over. I had a wonderful time with them. His whole family is full of love and good energy. While I whine and complain about being subjected to peopleís negative energy, I also enjoy getting a nice dose of positive energy from others, too.

Heís so much like his dad in many ways, but it seems that his dad is either naturally peaceful or heís just tamed his demons over time. I hope itís the latter because that gives me hope for Adam. I have the feeling that it is the latter, too.

While that family does seem to be cut from the kind of material where they have a natural optimism, healthy self-esteem, and high energy, thereís also a bit of natural anxiety in there, too. I think his dad has spent time on it. Adam will most likely have to do the same thing. He also has a lot of issues surrounding his biological mother.

You see, Adam is nearly exact carbon copy of his dad. He looks like him, acts like him and even thinks like him, in many ways. To hear his dad tell it, his relationship to Adamís biological mom was never good. He was young and naÔve, and the marriage was a bad mistake. He didnít want his kids growing up in a house full of anger and fighting, so he left. Adam was a little boy at the time, but miniature version of his dad, who became more like his dad every day. Adamís mother took out her resentment towards her ex on the next best thing.

It wasnít long after his dad left his first marriage when he married his second wife. Itís evident that they still love each other very much. Adam considered his step-mom to be his ďrealĒ mom and adores her to such an extent that sometimes I think he expects me to be a mini version of her. This isnít to say that I find anything wrong with her. You couldnít find anyone sweeter, full of enthusiasm for life and so young at heart, and I can see why sheís so adored by both her husband and her son. But, Iím a different person and therefore, different things should be expected from me.

This weekend, Iím back in yoga teacher training. My friend offered to let me teach a class in her studio, so Iím preparing for that. Iím not too worried about the certification itself, Iím more concerned about being a decent yoga teacher. I told her that I wasnít comfortable charging people and she said that I am better off having a fee, otherwise, way too many people will show up for the class. I suppose that makes sense.

I am enjoying this heat and humidity, but the poor air quality has been getting to me.

I did manage to get some time to run a little bit in the park on Tuesday, but I started coughing a bit. I think that was due to the bad air. I never cough while running.

I had to turn back after only an hour because the sky turned dark and I could hear thunder approaching.

Thursday, I was supposed to play ultimate Frisbee, but after Wednesdays two hours of reiki, I was exhausted. I am still feeling exhausted today. Frisbee was in place of soccer. Iíd been practicing with a friendís league the past few weeks. Iíd never played before, but Iíve really enjoying it.

Anyway, I have to run off to reiki now.

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Friday, Jun. 25, 2010 at 4:26 PM