Today is the start of my reiki level 2 training. Iím extremely excited about it. I donít mean that Iím jumping up and down and squealing, but more that Iím feeling a little like Iím moving forward into the realm in which I was meant to move.

Last night, I was over at my reiki teachers house, helping her with an intro-to-reiki event she was hosting in her house. There were three of us channels there, and so we did short sessions on every person, just to let them experience it, some for the first time, others not.

After one particularly tense girl, my teacher and I were in her bathroom washing our hands. (We make it a practice to wash our hands before each reiki session, partly to mentally prepare ourselves for healing and partly because youíre about to put our hands all over someoneís body, so itís kind of nice for them to be clean. We are in a tradition in which you do make physical contact, not just touch the aural field, as they put it.) She sighed and said, ďPeople are so young, and they carry such burdens.Ē I said, ďWell, from a Buddhist perspective, our bodies are young, but weíve lived through many lifetimes.Ē She said, ďI forget. Thank you for that.Ē

Maybe itís me, but I can never forget that. Maybe itís because where I am, right now. I feel like my soul is in transition now. I may have been a healer once or twice in a past life, but I doubt that I was ever very devoted or very good. However, I have lifetimes and lifetimes of violence behind me. Fighting for something or another and Iím sure almost always male. So, Iím becoming something else now.

Maybe. Maybe in a few years, Iíll be saying that healing feels like home. That seems out of character for me, though. Since as long as I can remember, even when I was a little kid, I was a fighter.

The odd thing is that from a spiritual standpoint, healing is the path to peace, Iím not ready to say that Iím going to be influencing the world for the better going forward.

Itís late, I donít have time to really get into it. I have to leave for my teachers house soon.

As a side note, Nicole sent me an email asking me if I would accompany her for a life changing event. Feeling very special an honored, I agreed. Itís so weird to me because sheís definitely a warrior through-and-through, and she has those warrior high walls around herself that makes her nearly almost impenetrable. While I respect her and adore her immensely, I often feel like Iím an outsider when it comes to her. She does not extend invitations into that head of hers, which is so different from most people who are broadcasting anything and everything (mostly stuff you donít want to know).

For some reason, my initial response is to want to change myself to be more acceptable to her, and get the invitation, but then realizing thatís impossible to be someone else, I just give up on it. Of course, that thought process is completely silly, anyway, because Iím obviously acceptable to her just as I am. Itís her habit and her way to be guarded.

Anyway, I have to run or else be late.

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Saturday, Jul. 17, 2010 at 1:18 PM