Because of this Ted talk, Iíve decided to start listing three new positive thoughts a day or recount one long positive story.

Iím also going to attempt to do this daily for 21 days. Life beats me down and I get pretty scattered, at times. To commit to doing anything for 21 days straight, outside of brushing my teeth or taking a pill, is a big thing for me. I am "consistent" because I can do things most days.

Usually, Iím pretty satisfied with most, but this time, Iím really going to stick my foot right in it, and try for every day.

Number 1
The majority of the people in Adamís family are really, really good-looking, especially the women. I love this. Not only is it wonderful to be able see and appreciate their lovely faces, but I feel a kinship with them that I never felt with the women in my own family. They may have their issues, but man, not being beautiful isnít one of them.

Also, they know it, so thereís no insecurity or jealousy, just acceptance. Just, ďYouíre gorgeous? Hey, Iím gorgeous, too! Letís hang out!Ē

Number 2
I had the time this afternoon to go for a walk. We had a perfect snowfall. As in, it was beautiful and short-lived. It warmed up immediately afterwards. The snow will be gone before it can turn all brown and ugly. The sun is out, itís bright, thereís no haze, and it feels like spring outside. I came back feeling noticeably less tense.

Number 3
I listened to an interview on, "Fresh Air," by a man named William Broad, who wrote a book called, The Science of Yoga, which really inspired me to learn more about how physiology is truly affected by yoga. It makes me feel good to know that this stuff is actually being scientifically studied, these days.

Number 4 (I can overachieve, right?)
Every day, Iím a little closer to ridding myself of Evil Client. I havenít heard from them, at all, today. Thatís enough to bring my stress level down a few notches.

Number 5
Iíve been watching, Say Yes To The Dress, on Netflix, lately (the NY version, not the Atlanta version, I could only take one episode of that), and Iíve been really enjoying it.

Yep, feeling grateful.

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Thursday, Feb. 09, 2012 at 4:13 PM