Number 1
I had my annual review at work. I was nervous because I have a brand new manager, and sheís rather draconian, and Iím not so good at following the rules. My previous, more experienced, managers recognized my value, and would allow me a lot of leeway. However, I got a glowing review, and she maxed out the amount she could give me for a bonus. She also offered me an additional $10K, that Iíll get if I stay another two years. I didnít say a word, but in my head I was thinking, ďNo dice, Sister.Ē

This is actually de-motivating for me to stay. They recognize my performance, but they want another two years of value out of me before they reward me? Itís kind of patronizing. Iím a valued employee, but yet, not smart enough to realize that some other employer might also consider me to be more valuable? Or, in my case, why would I be allowing them to profit from my value when I could be profiting from it, myself?

So, yeah, it actually makes me feel better about my decision. Yes, itís scary and risky, etc., but itís another reminder that I can be exceptionally competent sometimes.

Number 2
I made the mistake of telling my ex about the fake bonus because I thought heíd get a laugh out of it. That led into the discussion about my plans. He made fun of me for going into placebo medicine, suggested that I should consider waiting out the two years for the money, and then implied that I would regret my decision.

The fact that this surprises me every time makes me glad to see that Iíve still managed to not become jaded and cynical, despite everything. Also, like I said before, I am so happy to have moved on to find friends who are positive, supportive and kindred spirits. Itís amazing how contrast against something ugly can really bring out the beauty in something else. Iím getting verklempt.

Number 3
The death of Davy Jones. Whatís positive about this? Iíve seen more tributes to him on FB in the past couple of days than for just about anyone else. I used to watch re-runs of the Monkees on Nickelodeon when I was a kid, and I had a crush on the young Davy. This was similar to watching re-runs of Monty Python and having a crush on the young Michael Palin. Itís funny how the real-life, aged, versions wouldnít do anything for me, but Iíd watch the outdated shows and sigh, wishing I could find a time machine to the late Ď60ís.

While a death is always sad, I am warmed to hear about all the joy he had brought into peopleís lives. I know, itís inexplicable to anyone who was never a tween girl or canít remember being one.

Thereís hardly much else in the world that is a recipe for pure joy, such as that. Is it any wonder that tween girls get so crazy? Even as our crushes age, and we age, we never lose that special place in our hearts for certain boys. Iím so grateful to have had that experience.

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