Last night, salsa was a lot of fun. I hadn’t danced in months, so I was concerned about whether or not I’d remember how to dance. That’s the nice thing about not having to lead; you really don’t have to remember anything. It’s more about understanding what’s going on with each guy.

We danced until about midnight and then we went to a nearby café to get some dessert and chat. I didn’t order any dessert. I wasn’t hungry, but I was very thirsty, so I sucked down a bunch of water, along with some chamomile tea.

We talked a little bit about her issues with men, mainly that her last three boyfriends were not American and were in the US on work visas. That’s all well and good until the work visa runs out, and the department of homeland security steps in.

Anyway, she was declaring herself done with non-American’s or at least people who aren’t permanent residents of our country, and I can’t say that I blame her. I’ve had the short end of that stick, too, and it’s no fun.

So, when offering her suggestions for meeting someone new, I threw out the idea that she could ask her friends to set her up. She said, “That’s not a bad idea… So, set me up!”

Oy. Yeah. What am I going to do? Go on FB and say, “I’m looking for an intelligent, attractive, athletic man, who is preferably bilingual or more?” Of course, “athletic” can’t mean “goes to the gym” either. We’re talking black-belt, track-star level here.

There are Adam’s grad school friends (most of whom are married or in serious relationships, anyway). They would meet the intelligence and language requirements, but I wouldn’t really use words like “chiseled” or “sculpted” when describing their physical attributes. The religion department isn’t exactly the place to seek out… anyone who wouldn’t have the word “bookish” in his description.

At least I know one thing. She’s a serious extrovert that prefers introverts. I’ve noticed that about really extreme extroverts. They seem oddly attracted to introverts. I don’t really have the time to get into my theories about that because I would like to get some school work done today.

She also questioned me about whether or not Adam and I intended to get married. I told her about my hesitations and fears. We talked about it at length. She admitted that she really didn’t realize the can of worms she was opening when she asked about it. She encouraged me to discuss it with him more and added, “What possible negative outcome could there be?” I said, “I could end up having to get married!”

Some phrases like, “Commitment-phobe” and “Chronic Bachelorette” were thrown around.

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Saturday, Jul. 21, 2012 at 4:07 PM