I woke up with a slight fever this morning. Yesterday, I had the feeling something was coming on because I had no appetite and I was feeling weepier than usual.

Iím also pretty sore from karate. Various jump spinning kicks last night, the entire time, on a hard floor which is not very kind to joints. At least I discovered that I am generally better at jump spin kicks than the people at this new school. Finally, Iím better at something. I was also being kind of stupid after I got home, jumping all over the place without being warmed up first. So, my back hurts today.

Maybe over lunch Iíll get some extra vitamin C or maybe even Zicam. Itís December, but the temp is in the 70s, yet, I somehow manage to get sick?

I thought I would feel better once I got to work, but that turned out to not be the case. I took a couple of advil, but I really wish I could turn down the lights in here. Or, turn up the heat. Iíd probably choose the heat over the lights, given the option.

I was supposed to help Sachi with wedding stuff tonight, go to karate tomorrow morning and then go clubbing tomorrow night. Iíd hate to think that an illness will mess up my plans, but that may be the case.

I shouldnít put off Sachi because sheís not on top of her wedding plans. I think she needs some kind of motivation or something. Not that a wedding wouldnít be stressful for anyone. I feel for anyone in the position of planning a wedding.

Iím a little concerned that she may opt to elope and then I wonít get to be a bridesmaid, but at least then she can escape the horror of ten zillion patterns that barely have any differentiation.

And what the hell is wrong with these cleaning people that they canít dust my desk without knocking sand out of my Zen garden?! Geez. My desk doesnít get any cleaner, but thereís sand everywhere and the pagodaís are knocked down. Every. Single. Day.

I keep moving it to various spots on my desk, hoping that the new location will be out of the way, but it never seems to be out of the way enough.

Iíve theorized that rather than cleaning, they like to sit at my desk and pretend theyíre me. But, security makes it impossible for them to logon to the computer, so what would be the point?

Also, I do not have the nicest cube, by far. For one, the desk is really dusty and thereís sand everywhere.

I guess my illness is making me feel a little more irritable than usual, but I really ought to do something about the Zen garden.

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Friday, Dec. 01, 2006 at 12:02 PM