Iím the only one at work. I think Iím going to leave early, otherwise, Iím going to go completely insane from the isolation. Somehow at home, itís not so bad, maybe itís the cats.

I was able to do voice chat with my brother over the weekend, which was fabulous. He sounds different, very capable and grownup sounding.

I slept quite a bit over the weekend. I hadnít realize how sleep deprived I had let myself get. I was wondering why I was feeling so run-down and nonfunctional. In my every day life, Iím not sure how Iíll stay caught up with sleep. I already didnít sleep enough last night.

I got my friend Jenny on SL, and the first thing she did was get a job as a texture designer and then started dating the builder that hired her. I was a bit shocked by the whole thing, so I immediately logged on and interrogated the poor guy. At first he was a little frightened. He said I sounded something like a cross between a lawyer and a mother in law.

So far he seems like a decent fellow, and I do trust her judgment. Sheís a smart girl, who sometimes doesnít make the best relationship decisions, but you know, who does?

Other than sleeping and spodding, I didnít do much else over the holiday weekend. I am totally content with that, and I think I could use another week of it, actually.

Iím wasting company time like you wouldnít believe today, but tonight, Iíll be back at karate. Hopefully later I will get the sleep that I need.

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Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2006 at 4:44 PM