Now Iím too stressed out to work.

There are only a few things that really get me, and apparently, one of them is someone else messing up my report. Once a year, I get to write some nice long reports about my products, and once a year, I have to send these off to the most incompetent editor on the face of the planet, to have them completely destroyed and turned into worthless piles of crap and then sent to print.

I really donít get it. She and I obviously donít exist on the same plane of reality. At this point, if it were possible strangle someone through the internet, Iíd have done it by now.

No, itís not worth having a stroke over my job, but Iíve been so unhappy and stressed out about it all day. Twice I called Christian and asked him to walk around the corporate park with me. Despite having a busy day, he agreed and we walked, which I am so thankful for. I can listen to him complain about his problems, and not worry so much about mine.

I meditated a little. I drank chamomile tea, I ate pumpkin seeds (taking the time to remove the shells first), and now Iím calmer.

I talked to my friend, the divemaster, and potential dive buddy about potential dive trips.

Soon Iíll go home and then Iíll go to karate and everything will be fine, at least for awhile, until she gets around to responding to my email.

Until then, I will concentrate on getting my dive gear ready, concentrate on getting my business website finished, and continue with all my other fun activities. Well, Iíll start that tomorrow or maybe later today.

Right now, Iím getting out of here.

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Monday, Jun. 11, 2007 at 5:03 PM