The human mind is an amazing thing. It hides the truth from us when it knows weíre not ready to hear it.

I believe that those of us with an especially ugly past are quite familiar with the desperate, all encompassing desire to be good enough. Weíve trained ourselves from a very tiny age. We gave ourselves the responsibility to always be doing our very best within the confines of our current circumstances.

Sometimes, in hindsight, we see that we didnít actually do the very best thing. It may have not have been the best possible action, but it was the best we had in us, at the time.

This is why self-forgiveness is so important. Itís a luxury to be able to forgive others, but to be able to forgive ourselves; thatís profound.

We are only human.

You know, as long as I keep creating hurdles in my life, Iím going to have to keep jumping over them.

Maybe I was just born a kangaroo, and thatís what I need. I think my friends think that about me.

Maybe I think those things will make me good enough, without enough consideration of what will make me happy.

Sometimes they do make me both happy and good enough.

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Tuesday, Mar. 25, 2008 at 11:30 PM