Today was my weekly work day doing reiki. I feel like it went a lot better this time. I was much more confident and I believe it translated. Although, just like last week, the last hour was tough, for me. I felt like I had to wring out my body just to squeeze out the last bits of energy. I came home with that odd drained feeling, but I decided that I wasnít going to collapse into bed, again. I wanted to tough it out.

Besides, Iím not so sure that collapsing into bed is what my body needs. I need recovery time, but I donít know if sleep is necessarily in order. I know that Iíll get used to this over time. I just need to work up to it. While at work, I committed to myself that for this week, Iím going to do formal meditation at least 20 minutes daily and do meridian exercises more regularly. I think that will help.

Iíve been doing fairly well with my nutrition, too, and Iíve been keeping it cheap. When I see how easily I can save money on food and household items, I am shamed to think about all the money Iíve wasted over the years. A big part of that was for the luxury of not having to think about it. Obviously, if you donít think about it, you donít cut a lot of costs.

Iíve decided to stop drinking hemp milk. Itís way too expensive. Itís one of the more expensive non-dairy milks, and the only real nutritional advantage is that it has omega-3ís. Big-hairy-deal. I can buy bulk flax seeds, grind them in the coffee grinder and voila; all the omega-3ís I want.

Iím not a big milk drinker, though, I never have been. I only really use the hemp milk to put in my morning tea, and so one box lasts ages. Lately, Iíve been eating cereal some mornings, now that I found one thatís not so sickeningly sweet that I may as well be eating candy soaked in milk, but also not completely unsweetened. I didnít think there was such a thing as middle-ground sweetened cereal, but I found some.

My other use for non-dairy milk is in cooking. I usually have to use my hemp milk for that because I like unsweetened original, which is only the only flavor that can be used in a lot of recipes (you donít want to make vegan mac & cheese with sweetened vanilla flavored non-dairy milk, trust me). Adam only likes sweetened vanilla flavored milk. Heís a huge cereal fan - all kinds - so thereís always plenty of sweetened vanilla milks in the kitchen, and only one kind thatís not.

Anyway, to try out some really advanced cost-saving measures, I decided to try my hand at making my own rice milk. Since thereís a lot of waiting involved with this recipe, I also threw together some chocolate chip cookies. These activities were how I kept myself from falling face forward onto any flat surface this afternoon.

The cookies came out the same as usual. The rice milk endeavorÖ well, Iíll just say that nothing works out exactly right on the first try. I told this to Adam as he watched me spill rice milk all over the kitchen counter while attempting to strain it through cheese cloth. He said, ďYou? Iíve never seen you mess anything up like this before, not even on your first try.Ē

In the end, my sweetened vanilla version turned out well. At least, I think so, and plus, it was a learning experience. I know how to make things go smoothly next time.

My unsweetened original version needs something. Maybe a pinch of salt? I donít know. However, later in the evening I used it to make vegan cheese sauce and it turned out well. So, maybe for my purposes, itís fine.

Ok, so I know that a carton of rice milk is only a few dollars, and one has to be a serious rice milk fiend to get any significant savings from making her own, but I will say this: to make 3 cups of rice milk, it takes 1/3rd of a cup of rice. The other main ingredient is water. Iíve always been a bulk rice buyer, so I have tons of rice on hand. As a matter of fact, we really have too much rice. I always fall victim to the, ďHey, look what a good deal this rice is! Letís buy a bunch!Ē situation. I guess thatís an Asian holdover. One can never have too much rice, especially if itís cheap.

Also, I like the idea of being able to control the flavor. Maybe Iíll create a lightly sweetened version that Iíll actually like to drink.

Anyway, other than that, I still got one foot caught in the door of my old job as I try to escape. It has not been a walk in the park, but being part-time makes it tolerable.

Oh, I registered for classes and paid my tuition for the first quarter. Iím officially a grad student. I donít feel like it, though. I guess weíll see how I feel once school starts.

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Thursday, Jun. 14, 2012 at 11:50 PM