I know that many-a-woman would slap my wrists for complaining, but why do my hair and fingernails grow so fast, and how can I stop them?

Itís getting to the point where I desperately need a haircut again. This is why I keep my hair long. With long hair, I can go the most amount of time between cuts. Of course, itís going long spans of time between cuts that caused me to have long hair in the first place.

When I actually go to the salon, I like it, but beforehand, Iím practically like a dog that knows she needs to see the vet. Iíd rather do just about anything else.

Part of it is the expense, I think. People who donít have white people hair usually either have to go to the right neighborhood or pay someone who has had extensive and expensive training.

Adamís sister experienced the reverse of this when she was living in Thailand. We saw her after she came back, and the subject of hair came up. She patted her sawed off looking ends and said, ďYeah, Iím still recovering from my last haircut over there. It was too expensive to get someone who knows how to cut white people hair.Ē

As for me, since my hair is neither Asian nor white, I canít just go to an Asian neighborhood. I would either pay an arm and a leg or deal with the aftermath of a cheap haircut. About a year ago, I started going to an Asian-American woman that was trained in white people beauty school. Thatís when I found out that thinning shears are a crime against my head, which is a favorite technique of the cheap haircut person. Horrified, she looked at my hair and said, ďDid you let the last person use thinning shears on you?!Ē

I think itís the only way they know how to deal with my mop. Like I know anything about hair.

Sheís reasonably priced (at least she was the last time I went). So, Iím glad about that.

Also, I swear I get at least 6 inches cut off every time I get my haircut, and my hair just seems to get longer and longer, anyway.

Iím beginning to understand why my mom attempted to get through beauty school. She also had super thick and fast growing hair.

At least Iím capable of taking care of my nails myself, but I find it to be an annoyance. Because of my lifestyle, I prefer to keep my nails short. Trying to keep anything fast-growing short turns into a thing.

Anyway, sometimes I look at my friends that have chic-looking short cuts and think to myself, ďIíd never be able to afford to maintain that.Ē Or previously, I would think, ďIíd never have the time to maintain that.Ē

Itís not that I desperately want short hair, necessarily. Itís the thought of freedom from hair that appeals to me.

Imagine. Nothing weighing my head down. Nothing to get all hot and sweaty, like a wool blanket covering my head, when Iím working out. My arms actually not getting tired when I wash my hair. Not going through ridiculous amounts of shampoo and conditioner. Heck, not needing tons of water just to wash my hair would be nice. My hair is actually a menace to the environment.

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Saturday, Jun. 16, 2012 at 9:35 AM