Iíve been thinking about adding a guestbook, lately. My main problem with this is that I canít see paying for something I could make myself.

The only problem with making it myself, is that Iíd have to either host it on my personal domain or my business domain, and Iím not doing either of those things. I donít mind having my personal website associated with my myspace or facebook accounts, but the diaryland account is supposed to be just for me.

Although, it isnít much, itís actually more expensive for a supergold membership at diaryland than it is to own your domain and rent space on a webserver. Is it just me, or is that totally insane?

I know that they offer other services with the membership, but the only thing that diaryland provides that I canít create myself is anonymity. Iím not really sure how great a job Iíve done of maintaining that, but I donít want to be a paranoid freak about it, either.

Thereís something a bit too freaky about someone so obsessed with anonymity that it would be completely impossible to find her diary, and that person would have to be pretty persistent about it.

I looked at some free guestbook services, but the privacy policy on those things is pretty much non-existent.

Anyway, I never thought anyone would actually want to read and comment on anything written here, so itís become an unforeseen issue. Itís not so much that I believe that people are panting to respond to me, itís more that, Iíd love people to respond to me, and Iíd love to make it easy.

I just havenít come up with a good way to do that, yet. Please donít think that I donít value readers or the opinions of others. I do, and I have fifty million other ways for people to leave me notes or contact me, all over the internet. If you really want, I can point you in that direction.

Honestly, Iíd rather just be emailed, anyway.

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Tuesday, Jun. 26, 2007 at 12:10 PM